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How to?

How to change albedo?

If geoengineering and climate manipulation are large-scale, technological projects to stop the climate change – it raises a question, how come we are not all just taking an action to make surfaces lighter? What if many people are joined together, there could be a bigger affects? There are already projects like cool roofs where people paint their houses’ roofs white or with any colour that has a reflective feature. Also, as the asphalt’s albedo value is low, having a white or light car is a good choice. It helps to reflect the solar energy but at the same time reduces the gasoline consumption as one doesn’t need to use as much air condition. It has been estimated by the researchers from Concordia university that¬† that worldwide deployment of cool roofs and pavements in cities would generate a global cooling effect equivalent to offsetting up to 150 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. This is enough to take every car in the world off the road for 50 years.

Sounds good? It kind of does. But it’s good to remember that in colder climates, the solar energy absorption can be actually a good thing because it keeps houses and cars warm in cold and reduces the need of heating. Another, maybe a a bigger philosophical question is: should the human kind think of other ways combat climate change – like for example really changing our understanding on who we are and what we need for living? Also, as all the ecosystems in this planet are linked, we can’t be sure of the affects in somewhere else when we change something in some other place.

Either way, you can explore the¬†questions of climate manipulation by making your own DIY climate manipulation; changing the albedo value of many surfaces. Maybe they are making a change in the climate change crisis or maybe it can be your statement against tit. For sure, it is an exploration of a phenomenon called albedo. On this website you can browse trough the examples how it has been done before and get inspired. Also, you can post your own activities by adding hashtag # or tag ‘albedodreams’ to your images, tweets and posts.